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Teaching life skills after school program 
Support Nurturing & Assistance, Promoting Behavior & Attitude Change in Kansas better known as S.N.A.P.B.A.C.K.

SNAPBACK’s mission is to promote behavioral, emotional and social growth in youth by providing knowledge through the introduction of the latest psychological research findings. Focus areas are: Self-management, responsible decision making, social awareness, relationship skills, tutoring and health. We teach these skills through presentations, mentoring, advocacy, modeling, and instruction. Some of the key presentations are: Robotics, resiliency, mindfulness, CAN-COOK, Zumba, graphic and performing arts. Future programming include: Donor funded Children’s Savings Accounts that create a “College Bound Identity” and the Nationally recognized Junior Achievement Program that has been shown to prepare youth for entrepreneurship, finance, and asset building.

The pantry is a Harvesters affiliated site located at The New Be
thel Church Haven Center. The pantry is also supplied food from efforts of the United States Post Office grocery collection annually. The pantry serves over 400 households annually.


NBCCDC is a partner in two Community Action Boards (CABs). KC Faith Initiative (connected with UMKC) and Faith Works (connected with KU Medical Center). These groups practice Community Based Participatory Research, which is a collaboration in which researchers and the community walk side by side in research concept, planning, implementation, and post work efforts, while focusing on actionable interventions of the community. There are also research projects conducted outside of these two CABs in areas of heart, diabetes, breast and colorectal cancer, health perspectives, and other areas. NBCCDC is a major collaborator in promotion of health in the greater Kansas City area.

This is a community effort primarily of residents, businesses, and organizations in the 66101 zip code, originally sponsored by the Federal Reserve. The four main areas of action are; Champions, Workforce, Housing, and Small Business/Entrepreneurship. NBCCDC participates in Small Business/Entrepreneurship as a lead in a program called “One Business Makes a Difference.” Two businesses were chosen amongst others to be donated consultation time from different business disciplines i.e. marketing, human resource, sales, capital, etc. to take the business to the next level the business owner outlines as a goal.

We deploy navigators and counselors to help persons in Kansas to enroll and receive guidance for medical insurance. Navigators also refer persons to Medicare/Medicaid, making them aware of options that provide medical coverage. NBCCDC has participated in servicing over 6,000 persons for new enrollment.

Family 101 is an annual 5K walk for health and community unity, combined with a block party and health fair held in partnership with New Be
thel Church in the Douglas-Sumner area. In the past, over 60 vendors, and 500+ participants have met in the spring to promote health and community interaction. This annual event is now combined with the Jersey Creek Renovation and Expansion.


NBCCDC participates in reintroducing housing into the market via a bank REO program where real estate is received to fix up and sell at within the low-income market. This provides affordable housing a source of financing NBCCDC’s other programs.

This is an annual celebration in which the NBCCDC in partnership with The New Be
thel Church and various health providers promote creating a Thanksgiving dinner with all of the trimmings and a health fair to residents. Our last event served over 400 families, which equally approximately 1300 individuals.

This program promotes physical activity by renovating and expanding the Jersey Creek in Wyandotte County. The goal is to make the trail safe, desirable, functional, and fun for walking, biking, and running. NBCCDC believes this promotes neighbor interaction, health, and good will in the region. The Jersey Creek partners with local government, universities, businesses, and non-profits to continue to see the Jersey Creek Trail renovation and expansion project be brought to life.

NBCCDC is a trainer, promoter, and supporter of community trusted individuals to be trained on the ins and outs of health care. NBCCDC empowers Community Health Workers to aid the underserved, minority, and indigent population in navigating the complexities of the healthcare system. The job of a Community Health Worker begins once the patient is released outside of the doctor’s office or clinic. To date, NBCCDC has over 20 persons enrolled in Community Health Worker courses in partnership with Metropolitan Community College.